What are the dimensions/measurements of your puppet stage?

Used for birthday parties, child care centres, schools, festivals, etc., the portable puppet stage usually takes around 40 minutes to set up (along with the props, scripting, puppets and sound equipment). It has an overall height of 1.8 metres, and an overall length of 2.4 metres. The puppet stage is only a front-on facade. About a metre and a half to two metres of space is required behind it to lay out the puppets, props, and the puppeteer for performing. Here are some examples of how the stage looks at various indoor and outdoor events:


Outdoors: Puppet stage on a larger stage at a festival.

Where is Troggg?

Indoors: Puppet stage inside a dance school.

Backyard Birthday Party

Outdoors: Puppet stage at a back yard birthday party (shade marquee not part of Larrikin Puppets’ setup).

Childcare Centre

Indoors: Puppet stage in a childcare centre.

Puppet Show Street Festival

Outdoors: Puppet stage on a smaller outdoor street festival stage.

School Hall

Indoors: Puppet stage in a school hall.