Where did you get your puppet stage? I want to buy one!

Larrikin Puppets is proud to present this amazing portable puppet stage for sale, with SHIPPING INCLUDED!!! Available to buy here!

This puppet theatre is suitable for professional puppeteers or any emerging performer of live hidden puppetry including hand puppets, glove puppets and Muppet style puppets.


Set up of the puppet stage is really easy and quick. Takes about 5 minutes!

The stage frame is made of sturdy, lightweight aluminium. The black wrap-around cloth attaches to the frame with velcro. The stage platform provides just the right amount of support for puppets and props.

The puppet stage is super light weight at 9kg (20 pounds) and measures 182cm (6ft) high by 243cm (8ft) wide, with a 121cm performance area.

It fits in a carry bag, ideal for easy storage and the bag straps mean you can carry it like a backpack. In fact, in his early years, Brett used to carry this stage to gigs using public transport!

We provide set up instructions via email with every purchase.

Some hot tips for outdoor performances on windy days:

– The curtain length of the puppet stage is made quite short, ideal for indoor performances. Sometimes we like using this short curtain version, so it’s great to have it like this! However, if you need a longer length, you might like to make your own custom curtains. You might like to even include a weight chain running along the base of the curtains for those windy days outside!

– The stage curtain poles are designed to collapse for easy portability. This is an awesome feature. On a windy day, we recommend connecting the poles with gaffer tape to keep the poles secure (and removing the tape at the end of the show).

– Sandbags and guy ropes with tent pegs may be needed to keep the stage secure on the ground on super windy days! This stage facilitates all those optional extras you can easily purchase at your local hardware store.

RRP: AUD $785.00 including shipping.

RRP: USD $570 including shipping. N.B. Approximate price/depends on currency exchange.