Puppet show with adult strings attached as Avenue Q comes to Brisbane Arts Theatre – Larrikin Puppets – Party Entertainment Brisbane

Avenue Q

He’s gone from mimicking Sesame Street as a child to controlling porn-addicted puppets on stage and puppeteer Brett Hansen couldn’t be happier.

The Gap resident is helping bring to life the latest Brisbane Arts Theatre production, the Tony Award-winning musical Avenue Q, combining adult themes with a Sesame Street aesthetic.

For the show, Hansen is breathing life into the puppets Trekkie Monster and Nicky.

Trekkie Monster is similar to Cookie Monster but instead of being addicted to cookies, he’s addicted to porn.

And Nicky is just like Ernie from Bert and Ernie but he lives with his closeted gay roommate Rod.

Mr Hansen said he had been practising his puppetry since he got his first puppet at the age of two or three.

“I had a duck and a hippopotamus and I used to have them on my hands while I watched Sesame Street and I’d just mimic what I saw,” he said.

Avenue Q is on at the Brisbane Arts Theatre and runs until July 14.