Troggg meets Agro and Beppo the Clown

During one weekend in October 2015, Brett and Troggg got to rub shoulders with legends of children’s entertainment!

Troggg with Agro.Remember Australian puppet character Agro? Puppeteered by Jamie Dunn, Agro was on TV all throughout the 1980s and 1990s on shows like The Hi Hello Show, Seven’s Super Saturday Show, Wombat, The Super Sunday Show, Boris’ Breakfast Club, Agro’s Cartoon Connection, The Main Event, Family Feud, Tonight Live with Steve Vizard, etc. Elissa with Agro

On Friday, 23 October 2015, Elissa, Brett and Troggg went along to the Studio Theatre and Cafe to catch a performance of “Agro Up Late”, starring Jamie Dunn, Jill Ray (one of Agro’s co-hosts in the 1980s) and Agro himself. Troggg, Brett Hansen, Jamie Dunn, Agro.

There was a meet-and-greet in the foyer after the show, and that’s when Troggg got to meet his hero Agro.

The next day, Larrikin Puppets performed a puppet show at the Goodna Jacaranda Festival. Performing just before and after the puppet show was the legendary Beppo the Clown (aka Barry Cannon).

Troggg with Beppo the Clown

Barry has been performing as Beppo the Clown since 1960. He’s now in his 80s and still going strong! Brett chatted at length with Barry (who also used to appear on Agro’s show in the early days) and learnt a lot about the children’s entertainment industry over the last 50 years.

A quote from Brett: “You know you’re doing something right as a children’s entertainer when ‘Beppo the Clown’ tells you that your puppet show is engaging, entertaining and contains appropriate and catchy songs for the litte ones. I should’ve asked him to give that to me in writing!”



It was a very special couple of days, being able to rub shoulders with childhood heroes Agro and Beppo the Clown, who helped inspire us to bring happiness to kids in the same way that they did for many years before Troggg came into the picture.

Troggg Brett Hansen and Barry Cannon as Beppo the Clown

Troggg, Brett Hansen and Jill Ray-Black

Troggg and Agro.

Could Troggg appear on a cooking show like Grover did?

Here’s Sesame Street’s Grover appearing in the cooking segment of The Wendy Williams Show in the USA.

If our very own Troggg could ever appear on an Australian cooking show, which one would you like to see him on? And what could he assist with cooking?

Should Troggg be like the Swedish Chef from The Muppet Show and host his own cooking show? That might be taking it a bit far.

But we think Troggg would fit in quite well as an assistant to a human chef on a cooking show. Grover did a great job.

Return of Princess & Pirates stage show for kids!

Super Weekend ShowSince March, we’ve been involved in a little stage show for kids at the Studio Theatre & Cafe (647 Wynnum Rd, Morningside) called “The Super Weekend Show”. At 11am on specified Saturdays, the puppets are joined by costumed characters and a magician for a fun hour of singing, dancing, competitions, jokes, games and prizes. Old fashioned family entertainment! SuperWeekend_Pirates003


Bring the family along for encore performances of our fully scripted “Princess & Pirates” stage show for kids on Saturday June 6 (11am).

– Edit: The May 23 show has been cancelled. June 6 is your last chance to see this production –

Princess Flossy’s stolen treasure has been lost by The Pirate King and his first mate Troggg. With the help of Carol the Kangaroo, they will all search for the treasure in various Brisbane locations like Algestarrrrr, Bulimbarrrr and Cannon Hill.

At each location, a new game is revealed for the kids in the audience to participate in for prizes. Kids are also encouraged to turn up in fancy dress (Princess and Pirate themed). SuperWeekend_Pirates001

Heaps of fun and laughter for all – even the parents! Tickets are $15, and available by calling the theatre on 3399 3333 or book online at Or you can turn up on the day and pay $15 at the box office.


You can read more about The Super Weekend Show on our page about it:

And at The Studio Theatre & Cafe’s page about it: