Environmental Sustainability Puppet Show

Turning off the light as you leave a room. Putting bottles, cans and paper into the recycling bin. Characters from Larrikin Puppets help kids with environmental sustainability and ways we can do the right thing to look after the planet. This is one of the puppet show options available to childcare centres and early primary school.

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Puppet Show Environmental Sustainability Larrikin Puppets

The Larrikin Puppets environmental sustainability puppet show is ideal for children in childcare centres, kindergartens, and early primary school classes (Prep, Grades 1 and 2). The show teaches children about environmental sustainability and what we can all do to look after this planet of ours. The show is colourful and fun, filled with singing, dancing, games and fun starring such loveable puppet characters as Troggg, Marina, Scrambles, Freerange the Chicken, Frizzby, Moss, Flossy and Frazzamatazz.

Our puppets talk about turning off lights when they’re not in use, putting recycling in the recycling bin, and keeping our bushlands and oceans free of rubbish. Everybody can do their bit to help look after the environment.

Puppet Show Environmental Sustainability Larrikin Puppets

Childcare Centres, Kindergartens: $475

1-100 students = $525 (for 100 students that’s $5.25 per student)
101-200 students = $575 (for 200 students that’s $2.87 per student)
201-400 students = $650 (for 400 students that’s $1.62 per student)
401-600 students = $700 (for 600 students that’s $1.16 per student)
601 students and over = $750 (for 1000 students that’s 75c per student).

Two presenters: Brett Hansen and Elissa Jenkins.

Cost Covers:
– 30 minute interactive puppet show.
– 5 minute “How the puppets work” demonstration.
– 5-10 minute Meet-and-greet and photo opportunity with the puppets after the show.
– Two performers.
– Time allowance for travel to and from venue.
– Load in, set-up and pack-down of the puppet stage, props, puppets and sound equipment.
– Rehearsal time prior to the event.
– Quality characters.
– Quality puppetry.

There is an initial 50% deposit to secure the booking. This ensures that the chosen booking time is yours, and we’ll knock back others wanting the same date and time. The remaining balance can be paid in cash on the day of the event, or via direct deposit afterwards.

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Brett’s Working With Children Blue Card number is 1161011/3, Elissa’s is 690261/3. We have Public Liability Insurance through Duck For Cover Entertainers Insurance. 

We have performed and trained professionally in the USA with Jim Henson puppeteers from Sesame Street and The Muppets.

For Australian television we performed the puppetry in the “Best Friends Forever” music video for Regurgitator’s Pogogo Show (on ABC Kids) and worked on a TV pilot in Sydney for a puppet cooking show starring Chef Jason Roberts (Studio Ten / Ready, Steady Cook). Previous television appearances have included Totally Wild (Network Ten) and The Bureau of Magical Things (Network Ten/Jonathan M. Shiff Productions).   

Please consider the Larrikin Puppets Environmental and Sustainability Puppet Show for a colourful, fun and interactive presentation of puppetry and messages about working together to protect the environment for audiences 7 and under, and their teachers.