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Our puppeteers have received advanced training in the USA under Jim Henson puppeteers from The Muppets and Sesame Street!

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Dance Like A Unicorn: DIY COVID Isolation Music Video

Presenting our ‘Dance Like A Unicorn’ music video, created at home by us in isolation featuring dance footage submitted by wonderful fans, friends and families from Australia to America.

Learn the dance or just dance along because ANYONE can dance like a unicorn! 🌈🦄💜

We can’t WAIT to Dance Like A Unicorn together at our live shows with kids and families! We’re set to perform four shows at Southbank Parklands in Brisbane in September!

Find out how to listen to more songs by Larrikin Puppets or listen and follow us on Spotify now!

Online Puppet Shows During COVID Restrictions – from Brisbane To LA!

Larrikin Puppets is committed to continuing our goal to bring joy, laughter, fun and play to kids during COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions. Join us as we present super fun online puppet shows, puppetry workshops, story times, poetry with puppets and puppet play dates.

Discover our online puppet shows and activities including interactive Zoom opportunities for children, families and even adults! No matter where you are around the world, you can book Larrikin Puppets for your next virtual event.

Our Services

We provide our zany and always crowd pleasing comedy-variety puppet show, a story time puppet show, a puppet MC service, puppetry for film and TV, a sock puppet making craft workshop and a hands on puppetry performance training workshop!

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