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Larrikin Puppets are award-winning Australian children’s entertainers! We perform colourful and exciting puppet shows, songs and stories for stage and screen. We also deliver fun, educational and interactive puppetry workshops.

Our fast-paced, feel-good puppetry encourages audiences to talk, play, sing, and dance along. Our shows feature zany characters, catchy songs, and celebrate fun, kindness and diversity while nurturing child development.

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Support Yompers: A New Puppet TV Pilot & Live Show by Larrikin Puppets

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What is Yompers?

Set in a magical, multi-species community of animals, plants and humans, Yompers are a group of four friends, each one being a vulnerable animal of the world. They work, play and perform together. 

Each donning a colourful backpack, Yompers yomp along gleefully while carrying a heavy load: one a portable café; one a set of musical instruments; one a pair of shoes for others to walk in; and one a big sack of fun facts.

Their calling is to impart wisdom to some of the youngest humans on earth in a super fun way, supporting them to understand important and exciting ideas in the areas of HASS (Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences).

Yompers will be a TV series and a live puppet show. Show your support HERE to help make that happen!

Yompers is being created to engage, educate and entertain children aged 7 and under. It will also act as a worthwhile and welcome resource to support educators, parents and carers with high quality early years and early primary education in the area of HASS.

Larrikin Puppets appear in new Miss Nicky Says music video!

Larrikin Puppets presented a talk at TEDx Brisbane!

Elissa and Troggg presented a talk at the highly acclaimed TEDx Brisbane on 14 October 2023.

The theme for TEDx Brisbane 2023 was ‘The Power of Intention’. What is our intention when it comes to the art of puppetry?

Elissa and Troggg from Larrikin Puppets delivered a TEDx Talk at TEDx Brisbane in October 2023

We are super proud of both the delivery and the content of our TEDx Talk.

A big thanks to Juanita, Rob and everyone at TEDxBrisbane for your support in rehearsing and producing our talk. It was an experience we’ll never forget! See the talk below:

Our Services

Our puppeteers have received advanced training in the USA under Jim Henson puppeteers from The Muppets and Sesame Street! We provide our zany and always crowd pleasing comedy-variety puppet show, themed puppet shows, story time puppet shows, a puppet MC service, puppetry for film and TV, a sock puppet making craft workshop, and hands on puppetry performance training workshops!

We are available to visit schools, libraries, festivals, childcare, vacation care, pubs, clubs, shopping centres and children’s events. We perform week to week across South-East Queensland and enjoy touring regionally, across Australia and internationally. 

If you’d like to see Larrikin Puppets on TV you can support the Larrikin Puppets on Patreon.

Larrikin Puppets - Puppet Show - Australia

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Larrikin Puppets Wins BEST KIDS LIVE SHOW At 2021 National Industry Awards

Best Kids Live Show Australia - Larrikin Puppets - Whats On 4 Kids - Award Winner 2021 - Badge

Larrikin Puppets won BEST KIDS LIVE SHOW at 2021’s national What’s On 4 Kids Awards!

We also won two additional awards for Best Local School Aged Activity (5-12 years) – People’s Choice Winner and Highly Commended.

HUGE thank you all our fans who voted in the people’s choice component and to the judges who selected us as WINNERS for Best Live Kids Show!

  • Best Kids Live Show sponsored by What’s on 4 Kids.
  • Best Local School Aged Activity (5-12 years) sponsored by Australian Children’s Activities Association.
Best Kids Live Show Australia - Larrikin Puppets - Whats On 4 Kids - Award Winner 2021