Videos (Australia)

Here you’ll find some Larrikin Puppets YouTube videos and TV footage.
Larrikin Puppets Official Video:

Troggg and Marina (and friends) on Network Ten’s Shake Takes (2022)

Promo video for “Hijabi Girl: A Musical Puppet Show” (2022)

Troggg and Marina on Juiced TV (2021)

Troggg hosting Juiced TV (2015):

Corporate “Puppets At Work” initiative – 60 second pitch video:

Illy and Waax music video – “Cheap Seats”:

Regurgitator’s Pogogo Show music video – “Best Friends Forever”:

Brett and Elissa appear on Network Ten’s Totally Wild:

Brett puppeteers a magical pogo stick on Network Ten’s The Bureau of Magical Things:

Gutterfire music video – “Eight”:

Tia Gostelow music video – “That’s What You Get”:

Troggg with the winning ‘NEIS Change Award’ trophy at the Small Business Conference in Melbourne:

Troggg and Frizzby at Larrikin Puppets respond to a Happy New Year message from Yowie and Wolfie at Wild Puppets:

An example of a Larrikin Puppets birthday party puppet show starring Troggg & Friends:

Troggg (Brett) and Flossy (Elissa) have some silly fun with monitor puppetry. Hilarious video:

Troggg enjoys a song with Gabriela:

Troggg gets interviewed on Geek Speak at the Brisbane Zombie Walk:

Troggg is amazed by the red dirt in the outback towards Murra Murra:

A mashup of clips from the “Thank Troggg You’re Here” puppet improv comedy show:

Troggg makes a guest appearance on the Hobble & Snitch Show:

More of Troggg guest starring in The Hobble & Snitch Show:

Troggg is interviewed by Sam the Ham:

Troggg chats with people around South Bank Parklands:

Troggg promotes The Super Weekend Show:

Troggg appears on the panel at The Late Nite Show:

A clip from Thank Troggg You’re Here – Second round of shows:

Troggg dances and has fun at the Relay For Life event on the Sunshine Coast:

Lots more videos can be found at the Larrikin Puppets YouTube –