Videos (Australia)


Here you’ll find some Larrikin Puppets YouTube videos and TV footage.
Larrikin Puppets Official Video:

Troggg and Marina (and friends) on Network Ten’s Shake Takes (2022)

Elissa and Troggg presenting a TEDx talk at TEDxBrisbane (2023)

Troggg and Marina on Juiced TV (2024)

Brett and Elissa (with Scrambles, Freerange the Chicken and Erse) on Juiced TV (2024)

Troggg and Marina on Juiced TV (2024)

Miss Nicky Says music video – “We Say Kia Ora” (2024)

Troggg and Marina (and friends) on ROPE TV (2022)

Brett and Elissa teach puppetry on ROPE TV (2022)

Promo video for “Hijabi Girl: A Musical Puppet Show” (2022)

Troggg and Marina on Juiced TV (2021)

Troggg hosting Juiced TV (2015):

Corporate “Puppets At Work” initiative – 60 second pitch video:

Illy and Waax music video – “Cheap Seats” (2020):

Regurgitator’s Pogogo Show music video – “Best Friends Forever” (2019):

Brett and Elissa appear on Network Ten’s Totally Wild (2018):

Brett puppeteers a magical pogo stick on Network Ten’s The Bureau of Magical Things (2018):

Gutterfire music video – “Eight” (2021):

Tia Gostelow music video – “That’s What You Get” (2018):

Troggg with the winning ‘NEIS Change Award’ trophy at the Small Business Conference in Melbourne (2015):

Troggg and Frizzby at Larrikin Puppets respond to a Happy New Year message from Yowie and Wolfie at Wild Puppets:

An example of a Larrikin Puppets birthday party puppet show starring Troggg & Friends (2016):

Troggg (Brett) and Flossy (Elissa) have some silly fun with monitor puppetry. Hilarious video (2016):

Troggg enjoys a song with Gabriela (2017):

Troggg gets interviewed on Geek Speak at the Brisbane Zombie Walk (2013):

Troggg is amazed by the red dirt in the outback towards Murra Murra (2015):

A mashup of clips from the “Thank Troggg You’re Here” puppet improv comedy show (2014):

Troggg makes a guest appearance on the Hobble & Snitch Show (2015):

More of Troggg guest starring in The Hobble & Snitch Show (2015):

Troggg is interviewed by Sam the Ham (2015):

Troggg chats with people around South Bank Parklands (2013):

Troggg promotes The Super Weekend Show (2015):

Troggg appears on the panel at The Late Nite Show (2015):

A clip from Thank Troggg You’re Here – Second round of shows (2014):

Troggg dances and has fun at the Relay For Life event on the Sunshine Coast (2014):

Lots more videos can be found at the Larrikin Puppets YouTube –