Master Of Ceremonies: Event MC in Brisbane & Beyond

Master Of Ceremonies: Event MC, Host, Compere in Brisbane
Looking for a unique, creative, professional Master of Ceremonies (MC), host or compere for your next corporate event? Hire dynamic duo Elissa (the human) and Troggg (Australia’s own blue puppet monster) for your next gala event, awards night or conference dinner.

Elissa and Troggg are based in South-East Queensland, but available to emcee events anywhere across Australia and internationally.

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Master Of Ceremonies: Event MC, Host, Compere in Brisbane

By day award-winning Larrikin Puppets performs colourful and exciting puppet shows, songs and stories for stage and screen. They provide children’s entertainment that’s engaging and educational, with a focus on humanities, arts and social sciences. Highly entertaining and captivating, Larrikin Puppets’ fast-paced, feel-good puppetry celebrates fun, kindness and diversity while nurturing child development, encouraging child audiences to talk, dance, sing and play along.

By night Elissa and Troggg are available to lead more “serious” and “grown up” proceedings at corporate events. If you want to provide your audience with whimsy and wide-eyed wonder, they’ve got that in spades. They’re not crude and never blue, but will instead bring smiles to everyone’s faces and a twinkle to everyone’s eyes, following all the rules and requirements of a traditional MC all while providing a level of fun, energy and excitement that’s spectacularly outside the box.

Brett and Elissa trained in the USA under puppeteers from The Muppets and Sesame Street and, in 2023, delivered a talk at the prestigious TEDx Brisbane as Elissa and Troggg.

Brett is a professional puppeteer of 11 years and a musician of 25 years with qualifications in visual arts, animation and film and TV. Elissa is a professional puppeteer of 6 years and a communications specialist of 25 years, with three university degrees including a Master of Arts (Social Science).

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