Popular Family Entertainment: Our Audiences

Celebrating our 10th birthday in 2022, Larrikin Puppets are specialists in family entertainment in Australia. We perform for intimate audiences at libraries and childcare centres to massive audiences at public festivals and shopping centres. While the celebrity status of our puppets continues to grow, we're keen to always stay connected with our smaller audiences - those fans who've supported us from the start. That's why many of our show offerings are still so affordable.

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Popular Family Entertainment: Our Audiences | Larrikin Puppets

We love providing popular family entertainment to audiences throughout South-East Queensland, Australia and internationally.

Our Puppet Show With Larrikin Puppets is perfect for audiences 2-7 and their families while our puppetry workshops suit any age from 5 through to 95.

If you’ve got a particular audience you need entertained or educated, be sure to take time to browse through our offerings for:

Fetes & Festivals
Shopping Centres
Childcare & Kindy
Primary Schools
High Schools
TAFE and Universities
Vacation Care & OSHC
Kids Parties
Seniors & Aged Care
Corporate: Puppets At Work
Children’s Hospitals