Sock Puppet Making Craft Kit & Video Tutorial

Sock Puppet Craft Kit with Video Tutorial

This super fun and colourful sock puppet making craft kit features a range of pre-cut materials, so children can construct a beautifully detailed, quality sock puppet they can perform with – something that has a long shelf life that they won’t just throw away. Sock puppets will take 1-2 hours to complete, depending on age and ability. Socks are sized to fit children’s hands or small adult hands.

Kit includes:

  • A sock, cut to suit (lucky dip colour!)
  • Precut mouthplate made of foam and card
  • Colourful craft materials to build a fun character (lucky dip materials!)
  • A link to a special ‘how to‘ video: Build A Sock Puppet With Larrikin Puppets
  • A fun box your puppet can live in!

We recommend using UHU The All Purpose Adhesive glue to ensure longevity and a quick, fun build. When using this glue with children, children will require close supervision by a parent, carer or teacher. For details check out the Sock Puppet Craft Risk Assessment we provide to teachers when we visit schools.

Currently only for sale in Australia, sorry! Expressions of interest welcome from other countries. Just contact us to discuss.

1 x Sock Puppet Craft Kit

BUY 1 – AU$45.00 + GST (includes postage)

Buy 2 x Sock Puppet Craft Kits

BUY 2 – AU$85.00 + GST (includes postage)

Buy 5 x Sock Puppet Craft Kits

BUY 5 – AU$200 + GST (includes postage)

Buy 10 x Sock Puppet Craft Kits

BUY 10 – AU$375 + GST (includes postage)

Buy 20 x Sock Puppet Craft Kits

BUY 20 – AU$700 + GST (includes postage)

Buy 30 x Sock Puppet Craft Kits

BUY 30 – AU$975 + GST (includes postage)

Buy 40 x Sock Puppet Craft Kits

BUY 40 – AU$1200 + GST (includes postage)

Buy 50 x Sock Puppet Craft Kits

BUY 50 – AU$1375 + GST (includes postage)

Sock Puppet Craft Kit Video Tutorial

When you receive your sock puppet craft kit in the mail, this is the fun video tutorial (hosted by Elissa and Scrambles) that goes with it. The video shows you what comes in the kit, and talks about the best glue to buy in order to give your sock puppet a long shelf life. It also shows you step by step how to construct your sock puppet and the box to put it in.

Book A Sock Puppet Craft Workshop with Larrikin Puppets LIVE and IN PERSON!

If you’re a school in South-East Queensland and would like Larrikin Puppets to come and conduct a sock puppet craft workshop in person which also includes a show AND a puppetry performance workshop, please be in touch!

Puppetry Performance Workshop - Primary School Incursion