Hijabi Girl Teachers’ Resources

Hijabi Girl - Book - Hazel Edwards - Ozge Alkan - Larrikin Puppets

Authors: Hazel Edwards and Ozge Alkan

Illustrator: Serena Geddes

‘Hijabi Girl’ is being re-published as ‘Hijabi Girl: Making Friends’ to form a three-book series being distributed internationally in 2022 by Ali-Gator Publishing.

Teacher Resources: Courtesy of Hazel Edwards’ website.

Classroom Activities

This Teachers’ Resource for Hijabi Girl includes discussion notes, information on curriculum relevance, key learning areas, and definitions of culturally important words plus fun, thought-provoking classroom activities such as a colouring in sheet, selfie game and classroom map. Download the resource kit.

Classroom Play Script

A 35-minute play script of Hijabi Girl that can be produced with minimal preparation. Note, it’s designed to be performed by human children not puppets! Download the script.

Book Sample

An excerpt from Hijabi Girl, Chapter 1. Download the book sample.

Hijabi Girl - Book Reviews

Book Reviews

Buzz Words Magazine

It allows children to step into other people’s shoes, and view the world through their eyes. It also has good examples on how to fit in when you are different

– Anastasia Gonis

Kids Book Review

From diverse lunchbox snacks, to different cultural clothing, Hijabi Girl gives the reader a well-rounded view of what most Australian mainstream schools look like today.

– Coral Vass

Boomerang Books

In the end, difference is not only accepted, but celebrated. As it should be in real life. More kids books like this please!

– George Ivanoff

Good Reads

All the differences make no difference, in a way. Lovely. #diversitymatters

– Joanna


I love how this story talks of friendship among cultures, where difference is embraced not rejected

– Annie at Re-Vue

Create A Kids Book Bulletin

This is a significant book.

– Dr Virginia Lowe   

Reading Time: The Children’s Book Council Of Australia

The story takes the reader through the usual school activities, showing that while the girls may have different cultural backgrounds, they’re just like everyone else, with the same schoolgirl hopes and aspirations.

– Carissa Mason

Read Plus

Hijabi girl is a fabulous resource for classes to learn about social inclusion, celebrate diversity and to explore our multicultural society.

– Rhyllis Bignell

Read For Fun

Children need to see main characters in books that not only look like them, but who also reflect the World they live. Both of my children grew up in schools where cultural diversity was the norm.

Muslim Reads Review

Melek is such a refreshing Muslim girl character, she is both bold and kind.

– Jessica