Lyrics to Welcome New Kid

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Welcome New Kid

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Sing along to the lyrics of Welcome New Kid, below.

Lyrics: Brett Hansen, Elissa Jenkins.
Music: Brett Hansen, Dylan Kreis.
Voice Cast: Elissa Jenkins, Ella Kennedy, David Hill, Madeleine York, Mabel Tamone

Welcome New Kid Lyrics

– Voiced by the characters Teacher, Lily, Zac, Tien, Melek from Hijabi Girl: A Musical Puppet Show

Good morning I’m the teacher
I’m patient, I’m kind
Listening! I’m the teacher
I’ll help you grow your mind

I come to school each day
With lessons for you all
It’s important to work hard
But we also have a ball!

Hey all I am Lily
I like to make new friends
Welcome! I am Lily
I follow all the trends

I love pink and glitter
Plus unicorns and dance
I dress up like a princess
Whenever I have a chance

Hey my name is Zac
I’m good at everything
Whatever! I am Zac
In soccer I’m the king.

Teasing kids is sometimes fun
But I’m not really mean
My pet rat thinks I’m funny
Others aren’t so keen

Oh Zac. You know you’re not allowed to have that rat in the classroom. Everyone knows who I am already, but we have someone new starting today. Her name is Tien. You say it like ‘a cup of tea’. Tea-en. Make sure you say it right!

Hi my name is Tien
I mostly like to draw
Hello! I’m Tien. I’m new!
I just came through the door

I think pictures tell a story
Faster than words do
When you get to know me
I’ll be a good friend too

Welcome Welcome to the school!
Welcome to the school!
Welcome Welcome to the school!
Welcome to the school!