Lyrics to Play Time

Hijabi Girl - A Musical Puppet Show - Multicultural Songs For Children

Stream or download ‘Play Time’ from Hijabi Girl: Our Australian Dream on SpotifyiTunes or Bandcamp, or your preferred streaming service. From the Larrikin Puppets theatre production, Hijabi Girl: A Musical Puppet Show.

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Lyrics: Brett Hansen, Elissa Jenkins.
Music: Brett Hansen, Dylan Kreis.
Voice Cast: Brett Hansen, Elissa Jenkins

Play Time Lyrics

– Sung by the characters Kebab and Rice Paper Roll from Hijabi Girl: A Musical Puppet Show

You can eat a sandwich or a salad or a pie
You can eat a rice paper roll
You can eat some pasta, an apple or kebab
But at lunch what sparks our heart and soul?

Hop scotch and monkey bars
Skipping rope and playing catch
Reading on your own
Running round with friends
Practicing a dance
Playing in the band
It’s all playtiiiiiiiime!!

[Bell rings]

Kebab: Lunch is over!
Roll: Back to class!