"Just wanted to say a big thank you for performing for us on Thursday. On behalf of the Prep Team we really appreciate your services in educating our little ones through your playful range of puppets, stories and songs.

I have had some really positive feedback from the other Teachers/Teacher Aides, and we all love how enthusiastic you both are.

You are evidently inspirational to the children because they haven’t stopped taking about how awesome the experience was and they are really eager to start making more intricate puppets."

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Design and Technology Unit: Puppet Show | Eagle Junction State School

That was hands down the best incursion I’ve ever experienced!

Year 1 Teacher
Eagle Junction State School

Childcare Puppet Show | Foxwell Magic Child Care Centre Coomera

Thanks so much Larrikin Puppets for bringing such joy and magic to our day. The children just loved the incredibly hilarious puppet show. We can’t wait to have you back again.

Grace Saxen
Foxwell Magic Child Care Centre Coomera

Festival Puppet Show | Mary Valley Show – Imbil Showgrounds

Thank you SO MUCH Brett and Elissa. Wow! We just loved your performance and so did the crowd. It was an awesome show and we had so many comments from families who had such a fantastic time with their children. 

Ashleigh Kahler
Mary Valley Show Society Inc.

Childcare Puppet Show | Petit Early Learning Journey – Hamilton

Yesterday we had a visit from the talented Larrikin Puppets.
Our children laughed loudly, heckled the hilarious puppets, sang along and danced. The joy levels were through the roof!
We can’t wait to have Larrikin Puppets back again soon!

Amelia Goodman
Petit Early Learning Journey – Hamilton

Design and Technology Unit: Puppet Show | St Paul’s School

Our Year 1 and Year 2 students engaged their mindset of playfulness, to welcome Larrikin Puppets. They enjoyed hearing about how puppeteers perform, the different types of puppets and how puppets can be made. Students were then able to pose meaningful questions to the puppeteers. We loved watching the students fill the Sutton Theatre with laughter and joy.
The smiles say it all!

Year 1 Teacher
St Paul’s School – Bald Hills

Puppetry on Channel 10 TV show, “Shake Takes”

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your time. The segments have just come out of edit and holy dooly do they look good! I’m really excited for you to see them.

We will be in contact regarding the air date, but I really just wanted to say a huge thank you. I think you, Marina and Troggg are all stars!!!

Associate Producer
Paramount Global / Channel 10

4th Birthday Party Entertainment

Brett and the puppets were the best entertainment for our 4 year old’s party. We had searched various options but settled on Brett due to his professionalism and we weren’t wrong! Great communication, early on the day and so well organised. The kids were so engaged for the whole show – which is a testament to Brett’s skill. He really has a love for the art and his eagerness to share this with the kids in showing them how the puppets worked was such a nice touch. Don’t hesitate – if you’re needing entertainment for a kids birthday party – Go with Brett and the Larrikin Puppets! 

Sang and Montana

Festival Puppet Show | The Brisbane Synagogue

I attended the Purim puppet show yesterday. I just wanted to thank you and Elissa for putting on such an amazing show and for really bringing to life a lot of smiles and laughs from the kids. My little guy really enjoyed himself at his first puppet show and I just want to thank you guys for not only entertaining but educating as well. You guys are super talented and have designed a show that’s fun for kids and adults alike. Really hope you enjoy performing it as much as everyone enjoyed watching it. Wishing you both nothing but the best in health, happiness and creative and financial success with your endeavors. It’s an utter blessing to watch you guys share your talents with these kids and bring their imagination to life.
All the very best to you both.


English Unit: Puppetry Performance Workshop | Humpybong State School

Year 1 students enjoyed the Larrikin Puppets show this week and even got to try being a puppeteer. The show supported the Year 1 English unit on exploring stories and characters. Students are learning how to write simple sentences about an event or experience. It also supports their oral language and social skills in using puppets for role plays and stories.

Year 1 Teacher
Humpybong State School – Margate

Puppetry Performance Workshop | Charlotte Mason College

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the amazing session we had here with you at Charlotte Mason College. Our students are still talking about it and you have inspired many of them to look into voice acting or puppetry themselves.

I was amazed at the engagement of all of our students, especially those with additional needs who can often struggle with crowds and loud noises.

Thank you for your generosity and engagement with our students. 

Stephanie Savian
Charlotte Mason College

Puppetry Performance Workshop | Avenue Q, Coffs Harbour Cast

Such a great workshop, answered so many questions that we had about how to work with puppets, and delivered so much valuable understanding of techniques and methods. Many Thanks to Larrikin Puppets!

Dave Tune – Director of “Avenue Q”, Coffs Harbour Production
CHATS Productions Inc.

Childcare Puppet Show | Green Leaves Carindale

🌿Puppet Show Incursion🌿
Thank you to Brett and Elissa from the amazing company Larrikin Puppets who visited our service today to entertain the children with their wonderful colourful puppets, complete with singing and dancing. After the show, the children were shown how the puppets work and the different voices they use for each puppet.

Green Leaves Early Learning – Carindale

Puppetry on Cheeky Moon comedy series, “IT’S A CULT!”

We had the great joy of working with Larrikin Puppets on a weekend film shoot. With the cast member playing our puppet character unavailable, Brett stepped in as a guest puppeteer, miming an entire speech of lengthy prerecorded audio.

Brett took this seemingly difficult brief in his stride, going above and beyond in rehearsal to make this look entirely natural. More importantly, he and Elissa brought along their boundless energy and easygoing patience. Not only were they a joy to work with; their presence on set truly boosted morale and made the shoot a more enjoyable experience for all involved.

And of course, we’re absolutely delighted with the way Brett brought our puppet character to living, breathing life with his carefully-honed craft.

We would go out of our way for the chance to work with with Larrikin Puppets again. We cannot recommend them enough.

Alastair Craig
Cheeky Moon

Childcare Puppet Show | Riversdale Early Learning Centre Oxenford

🍄🌸 Today most of the children at Riversdale had the opportunity to join together to see the Larrikin Puppet Show and meet their ‘puppet friends’ Troggg, Flossy and their friends searching for the cheeky ‘Chicken’.

🦄🌸 It was truly colourful, exciting and full of humour. It was beautiful to see the children no matter how young engaging with this sense of fun – Babies right through to our Kindergarten age group – they couldn’t wait to point out where the ‘Chicken’ was, interact with our puppeteers and dance like unicorns. And it was extra special to see some of our siblings together for this shared event outside in the shade of our ‘big yard’. And all our younger ones from the top centre were a tad excited to walk through ‘the big kids’ yard to the Puppet Show seating area.

🐥🌸 We’ll continue to extend on ‘Puppet Play’ right across our rooms, as puppets can be so many things for children…. ‘a role model’, ‘ a voice’, ‘a friend’ and are super helpful with the development of ‘problem solving skills’, cognitive awareness and social interactions like ‘playing together’. They’re also an awesome support tool for children to play/act out their feelings and frustrations. Along with building confidence in both reading and speaking aloud – sometimes children are more willing to read or speak aloud with the support of a puppet or prop. The physical aspects of playing with puppets in our rooms, also introduces a creative way to develop their motor skills as they manipulate puppets and extend on both gross motor control (big movement) and fine motor control (smaller & more detailed movements). All of these benefits plus a whole bunch of fun for our little ones – makes Puppet Play a winner in our eyes – absolutely nothing beats the laughter & giggles we heard from them all today. Oh and a guest appearance by Todd Sampson as well (Gruen Transfer, Body Hack, etc)!

🤩 🌼 A big thank you to Larrikin Puppets – some beautiful memories were made by you today here at Riversdale (even for our Educators as well). You are simply great humans and we look forward to having you back again soon!

EYLF: Outcomes 4 & 5

Riversdale Early Learning Centre Oxenford

Birthday Puppet Show at Childcare | Goodstart Sinnamon Park

I booked a show for my daughter’s 3rd Birthday and was absolutely blown away by the talented puppeteer Brett Hansen. The show had the perfect balance of stories, silliness, humour and pace to keep all the children engaged the whole time. This is the second time I have booked this show and I’ll definitely be booking again. Great for all ages. Thank you for all that you do.

Kristle Skennar
Kristle Skennar – Kids Songs

Childcare Puppet Show | Kindulili Early Learning

A big thank you to Larrikin Puppets for the amazing show! The children did not stop talking about it all day and were so engaged and interactive throughout the show 🥰🤩

Kindulili Early Learning

Online Puppet Show | Boroondara Park Primary School (Melbourne)

The show yesterday was fantastic, so thank you! The children really enjoyed it, and we were so impressed with how engaged the children were despite the fact that the show was not face to face.

Claire Brennan
Boroondara Park Primary School

Design and Technology Unit: Puppet Show | Warrigal Road State School

Testimonial 1 – Just wanted to say a big thank you for performing for us on Thursday. On behalf of the Prep Team we really appreciate your services in educating our little ones through your playful range of puppets, stories and songs. I have had some really positive feedback from the other Teachers/Teacher Aides, and we all love how enthusiastic you both are. You are evidently inspirational to the children because they haven’t stopped taking about how awesome the experience was and they are really eager to start making more intricate puppets. We look forward to having you again next year!

Testimonial 2 – We were once again blown away by the enthusiasm, professionalism and knowledge you brought to our Preppies. I have had some wonderful feedback and our students cannot stop talking about the wonderful experience you both provided. We are already looking forward to booking again, in 2023!

Cara Hodgson
Warrigal Road State School

Book Week | Wesley Mission Queensland Child Care Services

We had an absolute blast! The children laughed the whole way through the show and loved the opportunity to meet the puppets and puppeteers afterwards! What a great way to celebrate book week!
– Kate Redward.

Such a good show. My kindergartners have not stopped talking about it since yesterday. Thank you.
– Parin Irani.

Thank you Larrikin Puppets for the fantastic story time puppet show at our Jahjumbeen Kindergarten and Child Care Centre! #bookweek

Jahjumbeen Kindergarten and Child Care Centre, Wesley Mission Queensland Child Care Services

Just Divine!

Wow what a wonderful show that Brett and Elissa performed at our childcare centre last week. Actually I think the word “divine” was mentioned by our Kindergarten Teacher. We are always looking for new incursions for our children and luckily we stumbled across Larrikin Puppets (don’t know why we hadn’t found them earlier). They were fun, professional and great value. The children were in hysterics the whole show and loved meeting the puppets afterwards. I highly recommend them and will be having them back each year.

Jenny Somerville
Miami Community Children’s Centre

The Next Big Thing Coming Out Of Queensland

Larrikin Puppets Review - Testimonial

Larrikin Puppets are supremely talented. We hired them for my daughter’s 5th birthday recently (July 2019) and it was every bit of the fun and mischief we were hoping for.

It’s a pretty unique opportunity to have had the experience and the kids and parents all raved about my daughter’s special day. Brett and Elissa are kind, personable and very knowledgeable – I feel certain that they are on a trajectory for success and fame (TV pilots and other exciting projects in the wings!) and feel grateful to have been able to have such an intimate performance by them for our friends and family.

All the best guys. Good luck with everything the future holds.

Alannagh O’Reilly


It was amazing to watch many toddlers engaged the entire time. We had a broad age group of children from 12 months to 5years. Even the most reluctant audience members were totally engaged and participating towards the end of the show. It was loved by all including the grandmother that came to watch with her granddaughter. We are hoping we can coordinate it again for next year.

Rebecca Hutchison
Kids Choice Granville

Jindalee State School – Great Show | Value For Money | Aligns With Year 1 Curriculum

We incorporated The Larrikin Puppet Show into our Design Technology and Drama units. The Year 1 students absolutely loved the show and were completely engaged throughout it. The opportunity to meet the puppets and learn how they work was fabulous. We will definitely book Larrikin Puppets to perform at our school as a part of these units for many years to come. # great show # value for money # aligns with Year 1 curriculum.

Melissa Franklin
Jindalee State School

Perfect Birthday Party Entertainment

We highly recommend Larrikin puppets for kids birthday party. We had the most wonderful time at my son’s 3rd birthday party. All the kids from the age 2-10 enjoyed the show. Even the adults couldn’t keep their eyes off the show. I couldn’t have better entertainment for the party, worth every cent. Brett was amazing. Kids loved the theme of the show which was appropriate to cater for the age range.

Amee and Dharmesh

Ruby’s 3rd Birthday Party

Thank you so much Brett! What an awesome addition to the party you are. Everyone was raving about you and the puppets and it really made Ruby’s night. We had to sit and watch the little video I took over and over and over and over again.
Thank you for your professionalism and talent. Just awesome x x


Island Puppetry Workshop 2018

I just completed the Island Puppetry Workshop and thought it was fantastic. So much fun and Brett and Elissa pass on so much information and are both just really lovely people too. Highly recommend this workshop!

Tanya Abbey‎
ET Circus

Island Puppetry Workshop 2018

Thank you so much for your hard work organising such an incredible weekend. To learn from so many wonderfully talented people is such a pleasure. We’re all on our own individual journeys, but somehow we’re all on it together. Thank you everyone.

Danny O’Brien
Mr. Toot Entertainment

Island Puppetry Workshop 2018

What a wonderful bunch of people and puppets! Thanks Brett and Elissa for the work, time and dreams that went into this weekend, I had a blast!

Clare Williams

Island Puppetry Workshop 2018

Thanks for the great weekend all you wonderful fur and fleece babies. Lovely to meet you all. Have fun and keep making the world better with puppets.

Rebecca Dostal
The Puppetarians

Alfie’s 5th Birthday Party

Hi Brett, Thank you so much for such a great puppet show at Alfie’s birthday. It was a real hit – lots of fun for young and old. I also liked the way you explained the puppets after the show and gave the children a chance to interact with the puppets.


Cooroy And Noosa Library Puppetry Workshops

We had heard about Larrikin Puppets, and of course the name appealed immediately. However, when we met Elissa and Brett and saw their fabulous show and workshop we were blown away. The show appeals to children of all ages, including toddlers up to young teens, and gives a lively introduction to puppetry and how it works. They bring all their own Muppet-style puppets – and there are lots of them, big and small – so that all the children can learn to handle their own puppet character. The workshop leads participants through a range of puppetry devices: movement, voice, creating character, and culminates in a mini-performance. Audience participation is high, and both Elissa and Brett are very attentive to individual children. Parents, grandparents and the children all had a great time. Warning: There may be a chance of higher than usual noise levels and wildly exciting fun!

Maureen O’Shea
Young People’s Librarian, Noosa Library Service

6th Birthday Puppet Spectacular

We booked Larrikin Puppets for my sons 6th birthday party. There were about 24 children and the same number of adults in attendance. Every single person in our backyard was entertained. The show was funny, fast paced (important to keep those little attention spans watching) and constantly changing with at least 6 different puppets making an appearance, the audience interaction was brilliant. My son couldn’t believe the puppets knew his favourite food, how much he liked dinosaurs and his face lit up every time they said his name. I had so many parents come up after and tell me how much they had enjoyed the entertainment. Brett and Elissa were also professional in their set up, pack up and interaction with me. I could not recommend Larrikin Puppets more highly and thank them so much for making my son’s birthday so much fun!!!

Simone Owens

Flynn’s Birthday Party

Thanks so much again for the fabulous show on Sunday. I have never seen so many kids so excited and joyful before. Everyone loved it so much, especially our birthday boy.

Jo Schoenwald

Mansfield State School

Thank you so much for the wonderful Puppet Show you provided for the Year One Mansfield children. It was very entertaining and informative.

I hope your experience at our school was enjoyable for you both too. We hope that we can have your show back at our school another time.

Thanks again.

Rachel Baker – Senior Teacher
Mansfield State School

Kilcoy State School

Hi Brett & Elissa, Thank you so much for your visit to Kilcoy! By all accounts and excitement from the children, they had an awesome time. The children have been very keen to make their own puppets and perform with our finger and hand puppets. Thanks once again for your wonderful performance.

Sharon Goode
Kilcoy State School

4th Birthday Party

Dear Brett, I cannot say thank you enough! The kids had such a fantastic time as did the grown ups. Thank you for making Kiera’s birthday so memorable. We will certainly be recommending you to friends and family.


All our children sat through the entire presentation

It’s not often a show is enjoyed by babies, however Larrikin Puppets captivated their attention for 30 minutes without a cry. Our older children are still talking about the show two weeks on!

Terrie Watson
E-Rock Pty Ltd

Best Kids Party Ever!

I would highly recommend Larrikin Puppets for a kids party. We had the most wonderful 3rd birthday party for our daughter. All of the children as well as the adults thoroughly loved it. It was so entertaining and for a mother that is not into amusing a backyard full of three year olds it was the best value for money ever! It truly was worth every cent. If you want something really unique that will bring a lot of joy book Larrikin Puppets. You won’t be disappointed.

Andrea Jones

Sunshine Coast Teddy Bear Fair

Please accept my sincere thanks for helping us make last weekend’s Teddy Bear Fair such a huge success. Feedback received from the event, both on the day and via the online feedback forms we’ve received since, has been overwhelmingly positive and the day simply wouldn’t have had the same energy without your generous support.

Your performance on stage was absolutely amazing and several people have commented specifically on how ‘fantastic’ the puppet show was.

Thanks again for helping us to raise the profile of our maternity services among the Sunshine Coast community.

UnitingCare Queensland

National Aboriginal And Islander Children’s Day

Brett and his awesome crew of puppets entertained kids aged 2 to 72 at The Family Place for Aboriginal and Islander Children’s Day last week. It was hilarious and a treat that will be talked about for years to come. I still have the talking cheesecake song stuck in my head.

The Family Place

Vibe Markets

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is testimonial-bribie-community-arts-centre-puppet-show.jpg

Hi Brett and Elissa, thank you so very much for today…we are still receiving enthusiastic and positive feedback from the many happy people who watched and took part in your show. A number of Mums and Dads have even told us that their little puppeteers have been putting on shows for the family ever since this morning’s workshop. A big thank you again for putting smiles on our market goers’ faces.

Vanessa Ilott
Bribie Island Community Arts Centre

My Fair Lady – QPAC

GREAT job today. It was just what the doctor ordered and the company can’t stop laughing… particularly about the chicken, for no reason I can point to. Thanks for doing a bang up job!

Don Winsor
Touring cast and company of My Fair Lady Australia.