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A CHILDHOOD love of The Muppets is the inspiration behind Brett Hansen’s latest project.


A CHILDHOOD love of The Muppets is the inspiration behind Brett Hansen’s pursuits as an adult.

Hansen, 35, is a professional puppeteer through his Larrikin Puppets business and has previously worked as a consultant for the Brisbane productions of Broadway hit Avenue Q.

“I remember being blown away by Jim Henson’s shows as a kid”, Hansen said.

His latest project, Thank Troggg You’re Here, is a comedy variety show that draws on improvised theatre scenes, games and songs.

He said the piece would be performed by his cast of 10 at the Mowbray Town Hall on May 7, 8, 14 and 15 as part of the Anywhere Theatre Festival.

“Like Henson’s films and TV shows, there are a lot of grown-up elements and pop culture references”, Hansen said.

Tickets to the performances start at $18 a person and can be booked online through the website

Read more about our Thank Troggg You’re Here production in our Theatre page. You can find video footage of the show there too.
For more information on grown up puppetry performances Brett has been involved in, please refer to the drop down menu items about corporate events, our puppet MC/compère service, and film and TV projects.

Avenue Q trailer is here.

Brett also worked on film projects Cluck: The Web Series and Heart of a Thousand Souls.