AUDITION CALL: Hijabi Girl: A Musical Puppet Show


Larrikin Puppets is seeking four children aged between 9-12 who can act and sing to provide voice acting and broadway musical style singing for a recording studio project. The auditions and recordings will take place in Brisbane. This is for a voice cast recording for ‘Hijabi Girl: A Musical Puppet Show’ and not for a live stage performance by the children. Hijabi Girl is a children’s book for ages 7-9 that Larrikin Puppets will transform into a musical theatre performance featuring puppets. We are seeking four different children – three girls and one boy. Their spoken voices and sung vocals will be used as character voices for the puppets in the upcoming touring show. We encourage children from Turkish and Vietnamese backgrounds to apply, as two of the puppet characters have these backgrounds. We do have a budget to pay, but it is only very small. Voice cast will be credited wherever possible. Super fun opportunity to work alongside puppetry arts professionals. Please send expressions of interest to

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Elissa Jenkins – 690261/3
Brett Hansen – 1161011/3