Puppets Officiate Wedding!

Did everyone see that awesome Buzzfeed article about the couple in California who had a puppet wedding? It was absolutely brilliant! And exactly the kind of unique and quirky bookings we would like to be doing here in Australia!
California couple Tammy Caplan and Joe Gold are huge fans of Sesame Street and The Muppets (as are we), so they decided to not only have a puppet as the celebrant, but also a rabbi puppet, a judge puppet, a ring bear (yes, it was a bear – you have to see this!), a ship’s captain, and a crazy monster!
The whole thing was scripted and performed before a congregation of family and friends who had NO IDEA that this is what they were in for! They even had a big sing-along session!
The article can be read here. And the video of the ceremony has to be seen to be believed.

What kind of crazy, outrageous events could YOU imagine having puppets perform at or host? Please let us know, because we’ll DO IT for you! Why should Americans have all the fun when you have Larrikin Puppets right here in Australia! 😀

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